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Do you think that home security systems and apps are expensive and complicated to use? Think again. We take you through home security systems that are easy on the pocket and easy to use

Motion sensors that dial your number; lockers that send an SMS to your phone and door locks that wake up your neighbours in the dead of the night – components of new-age home security systems, these devices marry technology with innovation, to make your home as safe as safe can be.

The market for home security

“The demand for security systems in India, has grown significantly in the last few years. Currently, the market is witnessing a compound annual growth rate of around 18%,” shares Mehernosh Pithawalla, head – marketing, sales and innovation, Godrej Security Solutions.

Product options

  • Inexpensive motion detectors (cost: Rs 800-1,000) that track every movement in an empty house and send real-time alerts to phone numbers of your choice.
  • Biometric locks (approximately Rs 20,000), which scan your fingerprint and/or your face, to allow access to your home.
  • Advanced burglar and fire alarms (Rs 15,000) that are remotely controlled and can be activated or deactivated, through a phone call or SMS.
  • You can also opt for traditional wireless burglar alarms that cost just Rs 250, on your doors and windows.
  • Even more basic? You could try a simple door stop alarm that prevents your door from opening and emits a loud alarm when anyone tries to enter your house. Priced at Rs 225, this one is for those who worry about leaving elderly people or young kids alone at home.
  • An anti-theft padlock (Rs 500) can also be used on the door or gate, which raises an alarm if someone tries to tamper with it.
  • “Video door phones that are connected to the internet are now available, so that you can speak to your visitor, even when you are not at home,” says Pithawalla. Prices start at Rs 5,000 and can go right up to Rs 40,000, depending on the brand and the features they offer.
  • For valuables, try Goldilocks (Rs 5,200) – a compact locker, which includes a tamper alarm and can be linked with a laptop, so that you can set a laptop password to access the safe.

Apps to the rescue

There are plenty of services, too, and often, they cost nothing at all. “All you need, is an old smartphone or tablet with a working camera,” explains Radhesh Jhangiani, who built his own security system at his residence in Bangalore, “I downloaded the Salient Eye app on my phone. It functions as a burglar alarm and sends SMS and email alerts, as soon as it detects any activity at home. You can even get photographs, to know what exactly is going on.”

Along similar lines, is the AtHome Camera, through which you can watch a live feed via Wi-Fi or mobile networks, get alerts through the motion detector, pick a time when you would like to start/stop recording and even control the camera angle remotely.

Safety door versus burglar alarm?

“While advances in technology enable us to have more control, vis-à-vis home security, traditional methods are still here to stay. Typically, they deny intrusion, whereas, the technologically advanced systems either deter/detect or offer post-event analysis of the intrusion,” explains Pithawalla.

Before you buy

Pithawalla offers a quick checklist:

  • Identify the location where the system will be installed.
  • Check for prerequisites, like electricity supply, GSM network connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity, etc.
  • Choose a professional company to do the installation.


Most home security systems are a bit complex and installing them, will require the aid of your local electrician. You can also check with the electronics store or the brand you’re buying from, on whether they offer installation services. In some cases, this may even be free.


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Attempt to join warm hues, surfaces and examples to make your rooms an inviting

Sitting at home, watching the Movie can be one of the most relaxing things. So it is important to liven up your home interiors, using warm colours, textures and patterns to make the rooms bright and cheerful.

Prefer pastels

Pastel pinks and apple greens are a good choice when people try to bring a pop of colour into their homes. This colour scheme is considered to be a timeless classic. Floral art work and dainty prints are perfect for creating a spring style in the home. For those looking to inject some style and personality into their bedroom, cosy bed sheets are ideal. Whether the desired look is practical or regal, traditional, elegant or urban chic, the same rule must apply – all must share that element of comfort.

Go green

Although design trends normally take their leads from the fashion world, not every trend is as fleeting. In the interior design industry, the trends tend to stay a little longer, allowing them to evolve and catch on, such as the way ‘going green,’ was one of the hottest trends a few years ago, and is now an industry standard.

Mix tones

One of the most obvious ways to use this theme is by mixing earth tones of browns, greys, and greens, with vibrant uplifting global accents of pinks, blues, oranges, yellows and purples. In addition to mixing bold accents with neutrals, by mixing and matching colours, styles and textures,it better reflects your personality.

Bold designs

Opt for bolder designs, in the form of prints that are geometric, botanical or paisley. These can be effectively used in pillows, curtains and rugs, but which also work nicely with traditional pieces. The yearning is for more warmth and comfort and more natural materials to be brought into the home.

Overlap rugs

Layered flooring and wallpapered walls are among some of the design trends that resurfaced recently, and intended to make your room feel cosier and more intimate. By overlapping several lightweight rugs with similar patterns and complimentary colours, or a bold print over an existing carpet, one can add richness and warmth to a room. Wallpaper adds visual interest as well, you will find the traditional designs patterns updated in modern colour combinations.

Animal prints

Animal prints are the great accent against neutrals and plain colour, just what you need to spice things up and take it to the wild side. The other option is mixing up the prints, texture and fabrics so you could create a more unique design.

Curtain accessoriess

Curtains are an important part of the window covering overall, but the accessories available to improve how they are used can make a big difference. Curtains can be made from a huge range of fabrics including cotton, lace, polyester, and so on. They can have a striking influence on the mood, and atmosphere of any room in your home by the usage of different curtain accessories.

Country themes

With traditional interior decorating styles such as the Moroccan and French themes, curtains serve many purposes. While their primary function is to provide much needed privacy to your home, curtain panels are also effectively used to control sunlight, energy conservation, noise reduction, and for framing a wonderful view. Curtains are also an easy way to dress up, or change the tone of any room using the right colour, fabric, length, and accessories.

Window dressing

Drapes are made from heavier, more expensive, and more durable fabrics than curtains such as silk, wool, or special synthetic fabrics. These are often teamed with sheer curtains. Shutters are ideal for privacy, and security. They are available in wood, aluminium, or vinyl.

Your curtain style and accessories should blend with what is in your room, such as the furniture of your room, floors, walls, and accessories. Blinds may be attached to the rod using hooks, rings, fabric tabs, or a rod pocket for the curtain rod to move through. Blinds are practical, and decorative for the homes. Using the wrong accessories can actually mess up their look.

Rings or tabs can also use on rods to fix curtains. Metal curtain hooks are ideal for heavy blinds, and they work well on sunny windows, as they are not breakable over time. There are different types of curtain hooks depending on your needs such as plastic hooks, nylon hooks, and decorative hooks.


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There are multiple benefits in terms of sharing the debt-burden and enhancing eligibility level

The home loan amount and interest rate on the loan for an individual depends on various factors like eligibility, tenure, availability of money in the market (liquidity), inflation and monetary policies. This makes it imperative for the borrower to be careful while opting for a home loan so as to ensure that the home loan does not turn out to be too expensive over the duration of the loan. In this context, the option of a joint home loan is worth considering as it will not only help the borrower in sharing his debtburden but will enhance his eligibility to get a higher loan as the income of the coborrower will be considered.


Usually lending institutions give an option to take a joint home loan with as many as six coapplicants this includes his/ her spouse as well as blood relatives like parents and siblings. A joint home loan however is not usually permitted to friends, sisters or unmarried partners living together though they could be the coowner of the property. Some banks and financial institutions also allow brothers to take a joint home loan provided both of them are coowners of the property. Spouses are however exempted from the property coownership clause and the term of their loan can be a maximum of 20 years, subject to the retirement age of the older applicant. In case the loan is availed by a parent and a child the maximum term is 10 years and if the parent’s income is considered for repayment, then the maximum term may be restricted to the retirement age of the parent.


The documentation process for joint home loans is similar to that of individual home loans. Coapplicants are required to submit know-your-client (KYC) details such as identity and address proof, income proof and proof of coownership of the property.


From an income tax perspective, the provisions for tax benefits remain the same for both individual and joint home loans. However, the total benefits avail-able in absolute terms are higher in a joint loan as compared to an individual loan. In case of a joint home loan, both or all coborrowers (provided they are coowners except in case of spouse) can claim tax deductions under Section 24(b) of the Income Tax Act against interest repaid and under Section 80C against principal amount repaid depending on their ownership share. This is besides the option to split costs of registration and stamp duty between co-borrowers to claim tax benefits under Sec-tion 80C.

An individual can avail the tax benefit on a home loan up to Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C and 2 lakh under Section 24(b). But if he has availed a joint home loan in the ratio of 50: 50, then both the coborrowers can claim these benefits separately. This takes the combined limit to Its 3 latch under Section 80C and 4 lakh under Section 24(b) there by reducing the overall cost of loan for the family. The total tax deduction that could be available by a married couple taking a joint home loan is Its 7 lakh, which is extremely beneficial. This is double compared to an individual home loan, although this provision may vary from person to person. It is therefore advisable to mutually work out the ownership share between the coborrowers to optimize the tax benefits. This can be in the ratio of 50:50 for claiming deductions in equal proportion or in the ratio of 60:90 where the coborrower in the higher tax bracket owns a bigger share.


The repayment process for a joint home loan is simple and convenient. Payment can be made from a single or joint account by way of cheques or ECS. Coborrowers also have the option to share the number of EMIs between them, they could decide the number of cheques to be issued by one borrower and the balance could be made by the other. Another convenient mode is that the payment of all the instalments is made by one borrower followed by a refund of his share from the other borrower. For better loan eligibility, joint home loans are becoming a practical option for borrowers today especially when the coapplicant can contribute to the loan with their salary as well.


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