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Interaction of the Five Elements of Wood, Water, Air, Space and Fire and the 16 MahaVastu zones of energy comprise your house. Be aware that if you change your house setting by fine tuning it with Vastu guidance, you can change your life positively.

Happy Relationships are created by a Vastu-friendly home, says Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal.

Make no mistake—your living space or house makes you exactly what you are! Space alchemy is all about how universal energies do or undo your world. Interaction of the Five Elements of Wood, Water, Air, Space and Fire and the 16 MahaVastu zones of energy comprise your house. Be aware that if you change your house setting by fine tuning it with Vastu guidance, you can change your life positively.

Since the main door connects the house energy with universal energy, you must ensure it is in the right place. For example, the North entrance at N 4 (North Vastu zone) strengthens relationship of the resident with his family and thus, he inherits money. If the main door is in the West at W 6 (West-North-West Vastu zone), then the resident faces non-fulfillment in relationships leading to depression.

If your work or interpersonal family relationships are not satisfactory, then look carefully at the South West MahaVastu zone. Since the Vastu Shastra is concerned with precise energy management, any zone’s active energy can be re-energised to achieve its full potential. A rigorous Mahavastu examination with the aid of an accurate house map and precise stages of investigation will clearly reveal the positive aspects and shortcomings of your home.

For trouble with banks and other support systems, including your work partner, check the North-West Vastu zone. This Vastu zone provides support and help with all official dealings. Be careful with colour schemes and object placement. The North Vastu zone governs relationships with customers and clients. To improve your relationship with the government, place the Ashoka Pillar on a table in this zone. An energised East gifts steady and meaningful friendships, bettering your social life.

A smiling, gentle Sun may be hung seven feet above the floor in this zone, if it is afflicted. To have good, long term domestic help, the South-East Vastu zone should be healthy. Keep a picture or flowers in a red vase in this area to attract house help.

The North- East imparts mental clarity and promotes a good relationship with divine, universal energy. So, keep the North-East Vastu zone in your home clean, uncluttered and meditate and pray there. Your home and you will attract good relationships. Mahavastu has the solution for many problems. On the Mahavastu expert’s advice, objects, colours and functional changes can be applied to your home. Vastu Shastra works and works well! Your home will attract wonderful, fulfilling relationships.

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Prescon Realtors & Infrastructures Private Limited

Rented and studio apartments come with space limitation but simple home decor tricks like limiting yourself to a single look for the entire house and ditching louder colour shades that absorb light can give your small abode a more spacious and welcoming look, says an expert.

Ritu Malhotra, co-founder and chief of Operations of Renomania, an online home decor platform has shared a few tips that can help you make your appartment look more spacious:

Use light colours

Since you cannot make changes in terms of space and architecture, playing with the decor and colour of your house is a good way to give it an amplified look.

Go for light colours on the walls like basic white or yellow or other pastel shades that reflect light and make a space look larger. Darker shades absorb light and make your house look smaller than its actual size. Bed linens or sofa colors in a light colors also helps in making the space look more spacious.


Lights play an important role. If the house is not properly lit up, it can cast a shadow in the house and make the surrounding look dull and give a crammed feeling. Natural lighting is the best way to keep the house lit up.

Make sure that there is no furniture in front of windows to block the way of light. If your apartment does not get enough natural light, then use artificial lighting. Go for white lights instead of yellow because it can give your house a brighter look hence, making it look bigger.

Use that wall

When the floor area is less, it is a novel idea to convert your walls into storage spaces. You can mount wooden shelves or slabs that can store a lot of things like books and showpieces.

Paint these in bright colors to give your room a bright and cheerful look. Not only do mirrors make a classy option to decorate your space, but are also extremely illusional. If you use mirrors in different forms in the house, they can help you give an impression of a larger house than it actually is.

Multi-functional furniture

The furniture occupies the maximum space in the house, hence its important that its chosen wisely. Leather or velvet sofas and couches take a lot of space and make a place look claustrophobic. Go for tables with glass tops, because of their transparent quality, they don’t obstruct vision and make a space look bigger.


Don’t keep things that need to be discarded. It’s a good idea to donate unused furniture and other clutter, and will free a lot of floor space and make your room look bigger. Keep desk clear of papers, glasses and unnecessary articles as that tricks the eye into perceiving that there is more room available.


When you are hanging the curtains on the windows, hang them close to the ceiling. It gives a taller look to the house.

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While apartment owners and renters a like face an uphill task in securing their homes, the situation is stacked against the latter. The prospect of having to vacate the apartment at the end of the tenure, coupled with the high costs involved, often results in renters taking a lax view about securing the house. However, this could prove disastrous to life and property. Here are 10 tips to make your rental apartment safe and secure.

1. Choose well

While searching for a rental accommodation, go for a locality that is safe and good. Same applies to buildings. Good housing societies could mean increase in rentals but they often come with several advantages like 24×7 security and emergency support.

2 .Get to know your neighbourss

Remember the proverb, ‘Better is a neighbour who is near than a brother who is far away’? While living in an apartment complex, neighbours can be of help not only during emergencies but will also look out for you if you have senior citizens or children alone at home.

3. Install security systems

Modern day security systems like video door phones, burglar alarms, motion sensor monitors – help you to secure your home. The video door phone (VDP) prevents unwanted people from entering the house by eliminating the need to open the door. Some VDPs are equipped with internal memory for storing images. While installing security systems, go for the one that can be operated by senior citizens, is hassle free and easy to install.

The latest home security systems available are wireless and come with plug-and-play functionality. Equipped with ultramodern microprocessor technology, the systems can be armed or disarmed using your phone.

4 .Secure doors and windows

It is important to secure all possible points of entry into your residence. In case, the apartment has sliding windows, ask the owner to install box grills on the windows. A safety door and a peephole is a must. The safety door is helpful in case senior citizens or children are at home as it prevents strangers from entering the house.

5 .Get new door locks

If you are living in a rental apartment, chances are that previous tenants could possess a key to your apartment. Replace the locks and use a padlock from a reputed brand. Consider installing a deadbolt and chain lock in your door for safety. Nowadays, locks can be installed on sliding doors/windows too.

6. Safeguard your key

Never leave keys in doors or security gates as they can be stolen or used to open doors and gain entry. Some people have the habit of leaving the key to their main door, under the mat or in a flower pot, or over the ledge. Remember, it’s an open invite for burglars. Leave a duplicate with a family member or a trustworthy neighbour. Never carry identification tags on your key ring or holder.

7. Keep your mobile charged

Your mobile is the fastest way to connect with friends in case of an emergency. In case of senior citizens or children, tell them about whom to reach in case of an emergency. Keep a list of emergency contact names and numbers near the phone or feed it into the phone. Make sure your child understands the difference between a friend and a stranger.

8. Use a safe

Remember, burglars are just looking to grab valuables in plain sight and escape quickly. A safe not only secures your valuables but also makes it difficult for burglars to pick up and escape. Now-a-days, there are intelligent safes which raise an alarm on being tampered. For your daily valuables, choose security equipment which provides convenience as well as safety.

9 .Don’t keep too much cash

Make it a habit to avoid keeping large amounts of cash at home.

10 .Minimise the risk

Developing a safety culture at home, especially when senior citizens and children are involved, can go a long way in ensuring their safety. Small steps to build awareness about possible threats and emergency measures can help in safeguarding lives and property.

Employ a domestic help only after police verification. Crime records prove that majority of the offences have been committed by persons who were known to the victims. Do not allow relatives or friends of your domestic help to visit your house.

Reinforce safety rules before you leave your child alone at home. Remind your children never to leave home without permission. In case they have to, ask them to contact you before leaving the house.

Whatever be your motivation, do not announce that your child or parent is alone at home to strangers or on social media. Ask domestic helps and children to never allow strangers enter your house. Ask for identity cards in case any service person is coming to your house for checking and maintenance work. When a workman or a salesman is admitted, do not leave him/her alone.

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Who will benefit good returns from the current real estate market? Is it conducive to end-users or investors?

The realty market is influenced by the activity of the end-users and the investors both, but there are times when one has a greater influence on the market in comparison to the other.

The investor’s property is meant for the end-users eventually; therefore, the demand from consumers is usually constant. In the prevailing market condition, the return from real estate investment is subdued in comparison to what it was a few years ago; therefore, the end-users are in a commanding position in the current market.

Surabhi Arora, senior associate director, research, Colliers India says, “There are always captive investors who keep on investing in real estate; however, currently, the residential market is primarily end-user-driven. The demand is primarily in the mid-range and the affordable segment and people’s preference is tilted towards ready-to-move-in projects for end-use.”

Arora further adds, “For an end-user, the timing is most opportune due to the availability of a number of options and attractive finance schemes. Developers are valuing immediate cash flows as margins are shrinking due to the holding costs such as financing cost and escalating construction labour costs.”

Experts believe that the real estate industry currently, is a buyer’s market and they have seen more and more consumers making purchases compared to the investors. Thus, with affordability being the main factor due to the ever-increasing rates of Mumbai’s real estate market, users are commanding the market.

An opportune time for end-users?

“Due to the rate cuts and the current market scenario, this is the best time for buyers to get the best deals and thus, an end-user will not face any drawbacks in the prevailing situation. In terms of the benefits, buyers will be able to crack a better deal with developers and ask for a good discount on the price offered by the developer. Also, they would get an attractive payment plan for different projects, which is again beneficial for end-users. With developers also wanting to sell to actual buyers, the end-user can actually get a steal deal as of today. On the other hand, there are projects specifically targeted towards end-users only,” suggests Rohan Agarwal, managing director, Geopreneur Group.

For an investor who is looking at entering into the project at the time of the launch and exiting around completion, the current real estate scenario may not be apt because:

The taxes have hit an all-time high; Property rate cuts have been acted upon and not much appreciation appraisal is expected in the near future; There is already a huge investor stock present in the market and it has not been picked up yet.

Some experts also believe that real estate is always a profitable deal, especially for investors who buy a property and create a long term investment plan. Doing so, even during a dull market scenario, will yield rents and in the long run, the investor will always get more than what he has invested.

Bigger opportunities ahead for Mumbai’s end-users:

“In markets such as Mumbai and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) with a population density of 37,000 per square km, there is always a latent demand for properties, especially in the affordable and mid-tier segments. Peripheral markets have fuelled the MMR’s growth in the first half of 2016 with mid-segment and affordable homes driving the purchase activity in the peripheral, central and western suburbs, Thane and Navi Mumbai,” points out Shubika Bilkha, business head, The Real Estate Management Institute (REMI).

Experts explain that the key drivers for the sector in 2016 are rationalised interest rates and a boost in the employment scenario due to an increase in office absorption. Besides this, the clearance of the regulatory bill has provided the much needed boost to the buyer sentiments.

The capital values across locations shall remain stable due to the huge inventory in the pipeline while selective mature locations with good infrastructure will continue to demand a premium.

Why are end-users commanding Mumbai’s realty market?

Property rates are attractive for end-users and they are not vulnerable to a further price fall; Festive discounts and offers to attract the consumers are more in comparison to the investors and in abundance; Banks have further reduced the interest rate; therefore, home loans would be cheaper for the end-users; Increased inventory with builders can put pressure on the investor’s holding; however, it will open up more opportunities for the end-users.

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